Pennsylvania County District Attorney Refuses to Prosecute Businesses for Breaking Tyrannical House Arrest Orders

David J. Russo, the Greene County District Attorney, announced on May 7, 2020 that he will not prosecute small business owners for not complying with Governor Tom Wolf’s shutdown order.

According to a press release, Russo declared, “As of Monday, May 11, 2020 businesses in Greene County Pennsylvania who open their doors and conduct business will not be prosecuted as long as they limit the number of customers on the premises, maintain social distancing, require personal protective equipment for employees and customers, as well as follow CDC guidelines.”

Russo added: “I cannot in good conscience stand by and watch our economy and the small businesses in my community perish. If large conglomerate shopping centers, gas stations and businesses deemed essential such as beer distributors can safely operate with thousands of customers entering their stores each day then there is no reason the small business owner should not be allowed to operate under the same guidelines. Many of the businesses in Pennsylvania may not be able to recover from the Governor’s actions; I am trying to save what is left of my community.”

The Pennsylvania Health Department reported that Greene County has 27 cases of the Wuhan virus.

“What is best for my county may not be the best for more populated counties. Our courts, local government and essential businesses have functioned in a safe manner throughout the pandemic and local businesses should be afforded the same opportunity; every business is essential for the families relying on it to put food on their table?” Russo stated.

Certain counties in blue states are getting sick of their despotic state governments’ actions.

Even red states like Texas, which have went out of their way to make gun stores “essential“, have been a bit lackadaisical on the issues.

This shows that counties will have to lead the way in forcing state governments to re-open.

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