Pennsylvania Elected Official Renews Campaign to Impeach Soros-Backed DA Larry Krasner

Pennsylvania State Representative Craig Williams recently announced that the House managers in District Attorney Larry Krasner’s impeachment trial filed a 100-page appeal in the state Supreme Court. Krasner is accused of engaging in criminal conduct.

Back In November, the state Senate voted to put Krasner on trial to answer for seven articles of impeachment levied against him. If these impeachment articles against him receive enough support, they could result in him being removed from office.

Krasner filed an appeal to the Commonwealth Court calling for the articles to be discarded. The court eventually ruled that the articles of impeachment did not represent misconduct in office.

“They relied principally on the idea that, in some of these articles, we cited ethics rules rather than criminal statutes, and they did nothing whatsoever to analyze the actual behavior that was alleged,” Williams, a former federal prosecutor said to The Epoch Times in a phone interview. William is chairman of the House impeachment managers.

“The lower court determined that the articles improperly used the ethics rules as a basis for determining whether DA Krasner’s conduct was unlawful. We have argued that the very same conduct might have just as easily been alleged as crimes. The lower court did no analysis of the unlawful behavior itself,” Williams declared  in a statement concerning the matter.

Krasner is one of the most notorious district attorneys who has received funding from culturally leftist billionaire George Soros.

He first assumed office in 2018. 

During his tenure in office, Krasner has relaxed punishment for drug, gun, and prostitution crimes. As a result, homicide and other violent crimes have surged in Philadelphia under Krasner’s watch.

“Pennsylvania’s official oppression statute makes it a crime for a public official to knowingly and intentionally deprive another’s legal rights. The articles are replete with instances where DA Krasner used his office to do exactly that, be it police officers, family members of murder victims, or other crime victims. In fact, the many alleged instances of DA Krasner and his office lying to the courts constitute overt acts in furtherance of several instances of official oppression—a crime,” Williams claimed.

The appeal deals with the case of Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Pownall. 

Back in 2017, Pownall was involved in the deadly shooting of 32-year-old David Jones, who did not comply with lawful orders after a traffic stop. Subsequently in 2018, Krasner charged Pownall with first-degree murder. In 2022, a Philadelphia judge dismissed all charges pressed against Pownall.

“In the case of the Officer Pownall shooting, the district attorney’s office failed to provide the legal instruction for homicide and made an intentional, deliberate choice not to inform the grand jurors about the justification defense available to Officer Pownall, despite being aware of it,” Williams stated

“The trial court also found that the district attorney’s office ‘demonstrated a lack of candor to the Court by misstating the law and providing [it] with incorrect case law’ and was ‘disingenuous with the Court when it asserted [for various reasons] that it had good cause to bypass the preliminary hearing,’ resulting in prejudice to Officer Pownall and the violation of his due process rights.”

“In addition, the District Attorney’s Office withheld from Officer Pownall its own expert report concluding that Officer Pownall’s use of deadly force was justified,” Williams continued.

Williams alleged that Krasner and his office knowingly made false statements to the courts, failed to reveal evidence in court,  administered justice in a prejudiced manner, and failed to provide legally required notice to crime victims. Williams noted that all of these actions violate the criminal code.

“His response to whether or not he’s allowed to behave in a way that he wants to as the district attorney is that he was elected,” Williams added. “I don’t think that’s the standard.

“The standard is clearly set out in the criminal statutes and in the ethical canons, and those are the standards by which we will hold him. And if he violates them, then we’ll impeach him, try him, and remove him from office, and I’ll leave it to the attorney general to decide whether or not there are other remedies. But there’s no standard that says well, if you were elected, then you can’t be tried or accused.”

Krasner, like all other corrupt DAs, must face punishment for his reckless administration of justice. These types of public officials cannot be allowed to operate freely in the political realm. They should be treated like any other criminal and be brought to justice. 

The case of Krasner and other Soros-funded DAs further illustrates the importance of right-wing activists getting involved in local politics. It’s in these political jurisdictions where the most parasitic members of the ruling class get their careers started. These same areas are where dedicated activists can delay these political parasites’ launch while also building a long-term power base for the Right. 

As they say, act locally, think globally. 


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