Pennsylvania Postal Service Worker Blowing Whistle on Alleged USPS Ballot Fraud Rejects WaPo Claim That He Retracted Allegations

A Pennsylvania United States Postal Service worker who accused his supervisors of backdating ballots to make them legally eligible rejected a Washington Post story claiming he had renounced his claim on Tuesday.

32-year old Richard Hopkins is a Marine Corps veteran who published claims of electoral fraud through an interview with Project Veritas last week. Hopkins is accusing Erie, Pennsylvania Postal Service supervisors of falsely marking late mail-in ballots in order to ensure they were counted in the election.

The Washington Post had falsely reported that Hopkins recanted his statements to Project Veritas and admitted that he made up the entire story. Hopkins forcefully rejected WaPo’s narrative in a video released through Veritas on Tuesday night.

The Washington Post’s sources for the erroneous story were totally anonymous, as usual for the outlet which peddled false Russia conspiracy theories for years.

Hopkins was grilled by an Inspector General of the USPS in a recorded interrogation shortly after blowing the whistle and presenting information related to alleged electoral fraud to Project Veritas. The USPS inspector interrogating him tells Hopkins that he is “twisting” and “scaring him” on purpose, using what appears to be manipulation tactics against the USPS employee in hopes of retrieving a “confession” of sorts from Hopkins.

The Democratic House Oversight Committee also falsely accused Hopkins of retracting his testimony on alleged USPS ballot fraud, which he has attested to in a sworn affadavit.

When describing his interrogation at the hands of USPS inspectors, Hopkins admits he feels “kind of pissed,” and that he “got played” during the manipulative interrogation.


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