Pentagon Announces They Will Pay for Female Service Members to Travel for Abortions

The Pentagon has announced their intention to pay for female service members to receive abortions.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Thursday told the Defense Department to make arrangements to give travel and transportation allowances so service members can kill their babies in the womb.

“Our Service members and their families are often required to travel or move to meet our staffing, operational, and training requirements. Such moves should not limit their access to reproductive health care,” Austin wrote.

Austin claimed that the repeal of Roe v. Wade will hurt military readiness, implying that female soldiers murdering their babies in the womb will help national security directives.

“In my judgment, such effects qualify as unusual, extraordinary, hardship, or emergency circumstances for Service members and their dependents and will interfere with our ability to recruit, retain, and maintain the readiness of a highly qualified force,” he wrote.

The Pentagon will reportedly pay for the travel needed to receive an abortion for servicemembers but not pay for the abortion itself.

“These policies will reduce the burden and cost for our service members and their dependents who may require teachers to travel greater distances to access reproductive health care,” a Pentagon official told Politico.

Big League Politics reported on how the Pentagon spit on the law of the land after the repeal of Roe v. Wade:

The Pentagon is refusing to follow any anti-abortion laws enacted following the repeal of Roe v. Wade, in another showing of how the U.S. military hates Christian values.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced on Friday that military members, their families, and civilian employees will still be able to murder babies in the womb, regardless of the letter of the law.

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