Pentagon Claims that it Did Not Launch Drone Attacks on Iran 

Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Patrick Ryder claimed on January 29, 2023 that no United States military forces were involved in carrying out strikes on Iran. These comments came after a recent set of drone attacks on a military facility in Isfahan.

Reuters reported that Ryder did not offer further commentary. Several other US officials said to the news agency that the US government had no involvement in the Isfahan incident. 

According to the IRNA news agency, there was a loud blast sound in the pre-dawn hours of January 29 in the central Iranian city of Isfahan. Subsequently, the Iranian Defense Ministry revealed that an unsuccessful drone strike was carried out against one of the Iranian military’s centers. 

One drone was taken out by Iranian air defenses while two others were captured by defense traps and blown up. There were no casualties and insignificant damage was incurred. The Iranian authorities did not give specifics about who actually carried out the attack.

The Wall Street Journal, who used statements from US authorities and other experts in the know, claimed that Israel was responsible for the drone attack in Isfahan. 

According to Al Arabiya TV channel’s sources, the strike was carried out by the US Air Force and another country. Per the American sources of the Alhadath TV channel, Israel was not involved in the attack. Instead, the Arab news channel argues that the US conducted the strikes against Iran to send a message to Iran and Russia that it will not tolerate Iran’s alleged delivery of drones to Russia — a move that has largely given Russia an edge in Ukraine. 

Iran poses no threat to the US but there are fanatic pro-Zionist elements in the US government that want to continue confronting it both economically and militarily. A conflict with Iran will be another boondoggle that will bleed America substantially both in terms of manpower and treasure. 

Instead of getting obsessed with Iran, the US should focus more on its open southern border — America’s real national security blind spot. 

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