Pentagon Leaks Show Russia Can Keep Financing Ukraine War Despite Being Sanctioned

According to a recent wave of United States intelligence documents from accused Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira, the Collective West’s policy of sanctioning Russia May not be so effective in terms of degrading Russia’s ability to carry out its special military operation in Ukraine.

The leaks that The Washington Post reviewed showed that US intelligence believed Russia can continue bankrolling its war campaign for at least an additional year. 

“Moscow is relying on increased corporate taxes, its sovereign wealth fund, increased imports and businesses adaptability to help mitigate economic pressures,” one leak detailed. WaPo stated that markings on the documents hint towards the info being obtained through intercepted communications. 

The Post continued highlighting the harsh realities of the sanctions’s inability to deter Russia: 

While some of Russia’s economic elites might not agree with the country’s course in Ukraine, and sanctions have hurt their businesses, they are unlikely to withdraw support for Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to an assessment that appears to date from early March.

The document added: 

Those elites “are likely to persist in upholding the Kremlin’s objectives in Ukraine” and in “helping Moscow circumvent sanctions,” the leaked assessment finds. 

For the DC national security state, the logic of imposing sanctions consists of the assumption that such penalties will impoverish the Russian population to the point that it will take to the streets and overthrow the government. However, that has not come to pass. 

Perhaps Russia is not a gas station with nukes as many neoconservatives have posited. On top of that, Eurasian nations are becoming more integrated and economically developed. As a result, they’re building parallel institutions to challenge the Collective West. 

The world is more than just the Collective West. 

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