PERJURY?: Christine Blasey Ford Testified Under Oath That She Never Discussed Polygraph-Taking With Others

Christine Blasey Ford testified under oath before Congress that she never discussed “how to take a polygraph” with anyone except her lawyers, who oversaw Ford’s own polygraph test.

Now, evidence comes to light from a Ford ex-boyfriend alleging that Ford did, in fact, prepare a woman to take a polygraph test, based on Ford’s background in psychology.

“Have you ever had discussions with anyone, beside your attorneys, on how to take a polygraph?,” Rachel Mitchell asked Ford.

“Never,” Christine Blasey Ford replied.

Not so, a Ford ex-boyfriend tells Fox News:

Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford is facing scrutiny from fair-minded members of the public as the week-long FBI investigation into Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh continues apace.

Ford’s college classmate recalls Ford’s drinking and hooking up during her years in the Kappa Delta sorority. (EXCLUSIVE: Christine Blasey Ford’s College Yearbooks Show Wild Drinking, Beer Bongs on Campus).

“Christine Blasey Ford was a classmate of mine at UNC. We graduated in 1988. I want to ask Christine if she remembers partying at Trolls, drinking at He’s Not Here. Hooking up with guys at Henderson Street. Eating at Time Out. Remember those days, Christine? Tell us about them,” PJ Media writer Denise “DC” McAllister tweeted..

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