PERVERT ALERT: Jacksonville Mayoral Candidate and Chamber of Commerce President Runs Child Sexualization Training

Daniel Davis, a candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville, Fla in the coming March elections and CEO of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, is hosting child sexualization trainings run by a disgraced and defunded LGBT youth organization, according to original reporting from the Central Florida Post.

The LGBT youth group Jasmyn had their contract with the Duval County Public Schools revoked because of their sexualization of children. They were exposing children to dildos as part of their “Penis Game.” A photo of that game can be seen below:

Additionally, they push perverted ideology upon children. In one Instagram post about “how sex is more than penetration,” they promote bondage, using strap ons, fisting, face-sitting, buttplug usage, and “muffing,” a slang term used to define the digital penetration of transgender women.

Jasmyn also hosts SaturGayz dance classes aimed at children in which scantily clad perverts gyrate their bodies in front of children as young as 13. Jasmyn organizers also play provocative sexual games with the children who attend.

“Got a little beer pong going on, okay, get your balls wet,” a Jasmyn organizer stated in a SaturGayz video. “Hope y’all come in!”

Even though Duval County has pulled the plug on Jasmyn, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce (JaxChamber) under Davis’ control remains a sponsor of Jasmyn.

Jasmyn’s list of sponsors can be seen here:

JaxChamber is receiving nearly $750,000 on an annual basis in Florida taxpayer dollars to promote economic growth. This money is apparently being funneled into the coffers of the far-left extremists indoctrinating children with grotesque sexual propaganda. Florida is supposedly where “woke” goes to die. Where is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on this issue?

Jacksonville mayoral candidate Daniel Davis is campaigning as a conservative in the city if he is elected by the people, claiming he will reduce the size and scope of government.

Davis told News4Jax that “the conservative thought process that I have is going to help propel Jacksonville forward and I believe we should have a smaller government, I believe we should create opportunities for entrepreneurs, remove red tape, remove regulations, where people have the freedom to be able to be successful, to help keep people safe. I mean, that’s absolutely the most conservative thing we can do in our community, and that’s me. I can’t wait to bring those thoughts to City Hall to make sure that we propel Jacksonville forward to where it should be.”

If Davis wishes to uphold conservatism in Jacksonville, he will have to do more than just limit the size and scope of government. He will need to stop LGBT predators from preying upon the souls of the youth. Davis’ tenure as CEO of the JaxChamber shows he is not up to the task.

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