Pete Buttigieg Slams Capitalism

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg does not have faith in capitalism.

On Tuesday, April 16, 2019 the Hill reports that Buttigieg believes socialism is growing in popularity because “capitalism has let a lot of people down.”

Buttigieg declared on CNN’s “New Day” that “I think the reason we’re having this argument over socialism and capitalism is that capitalism has let a lot of people down.”

Instead he believes in “democratic capitalism” and emphasized that “democracy is more important than capitalism.”

The South Bend, Indiana mayor said, “At the end of the day, we prioritize democracy” and he stressed the importance of “having that framework of a rule of law, of fairness, is actually what it takes for markets to work.”

Buttigieg informed CNN that he is receptive to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to tax large companies.

The mayor said, “I think the more interesting issue is, should our policies be any different toward the biggest companies than they are toward the smallest ones?”
On the question of breaking up large corporations, Buttigieg said “sometimes, if there’s anti-competitive behavior.”
He continued, “It’s not just about saying, ‘If you’re this big, we’re going to break you.’ It’s also, perhaps, the bigger you are, the more responsibility you have.”
Although not as outspokenly socialist as Bernie Sanders, Buttigieg is another demonstration of how far Left the Democratic Party is going.
It’s rather curious that candidates like Buttigieg scoff at capitalism while failing to recognize the socialist aspects of the American economy such as central banking and income taxation. On top of a massive bureaucracy, these factors have contributed to the U.S.’s malaise over the past few decades. For those reasons, among others, Donald Trump was elected to scale back regulation.
As the Democratic Party continues to accept more of the radical Left, we can expect more anti-capitalist screeds from current and future presidential candidates.

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