Peter Thiel Speaks Out Against the Ruling Class’s Spread of Misinformation

During his keynote speech at the National Conservatism Conference on October 31, 2021, billionaire Peter Thiel made the case that a false consensus has significantly stifled debate on key issues, which include the Afghanistan conflict, growing inflation in America, and the Wuhan virus. 

At the conference, Thiel spoke about “the incredible derangement of various forms of thought,” that impacts the way people view science and politics.

According to Nathan Worcester’s coverage of Thiel’s speech, the billionaire called attention to how Stanford professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya faced harassment for his mask skeptic views. Apparently, “anonymous posters of his face” were plastered across the Stanford campus. The neoliberal Left has attacked Bhattacharya by connecting him to Wuhan virus deaths in Florida. 

Thiel also offered a critique of “dogmatism in science” and pointed to lawn signs where liberal households virtue signaled their belief in “science”. 

“When you have to call things science, you know they aren’t – like climate science or political science,” Thiel declared.

Thiel likened this dogmatism to the same mindset that led American policymakers to engage in a failed nation-building experiment in Afghanistan.

The renowned Facebook investor also criticized the US government’s inflationary policies. Thiel observed that the US is going through “runaway, non-transitory inflation” and “the complete bankruptcy of the Fed” largely because the ruling class has bought into conventional wisdom regarding monetary policy. 

“If there’s a misinformation problem, it’s a centralized misinformation problem—and it’s the misinformation coming from the Ministry of Truth,” remarked Thiel.

“We think of nationalism as a corrective to the homogenizing, braindead, one-world state that’s totalitarian,” Thiel commented. “It is an all-important corrective at this point.”

Thiel called on speakers at the event to challenge their respective views and eschew “a fake consensus.”

“I hope they will not agree with each other,” Thiel added.

Peter Thiel is one of the few billionaires who gets the big picture issues of our day. His knack for reading economic and political trends is second to none. 

Thiel represents one of the types of elite figures that is needed on the Right for it to move forward. Elite defection is necessary for an insurgent movement like national populism to surge at the polls and in the general culture.

Hopefully, Thiel’s example can motivate other dissenting elites to defect and patronize right-wing populist efforts. We’re going to need all the help we can get.

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