Petition to Recall Soros Funded District Attorney George Gascon Gathers Record Support

According to a press release issued by the Recall DA George Gascon campaign on June 2, 2022, the recall effort was able to gather over 500,000 signatures as of May 31.

These figures represent the most signatures that a petition has ever collected in Los Angeles County. On top of that, the recall campaign sent out 3.6 million petitions with pre-paid return envelopes to registered voters.

For the recall campaign to go into effect, this campaign must gather 566,857 signatures from registered voters in Los Angeles County by July 6, 2022. This amount of signatures represents 10% of total registered voters in the county.

 “Right now, the recall petition is in the mailboxes of 3.6 million registered voters in LA County. If just 5% sign and promptly return the petition, we will have more than enough signatures to not only clear the threshold, but also to ensure there is enough cushion for those that are inevitably invalidated. The fate of this recall is quite literally in the hands of Los Angeles County voters,” The Recall DA George Gascon Campaign stated. 

This recall campaign is notable for its broad, bipartisan support across the LA metro area. Some of the supporters of this recall venture include victims’ rights advocates, current and former law enforcement officials, and Los Angeles County residents. So far 34 cities in Los Angeles have issued votes of confidence in Gascon’s performance as DA, a number that is likely to grow as time goes on. 

According to the Recall DA George Gascon Campaign, “98% of Gascon’s own line prosecutors support the recall, along with Los Angeles police and sheriffs.”

George Gascon previously served as District Attorney of San Francisco (2011 to 2019). He assumed the office of Los Angeles County DA in late 2020. Gascon’s tenure has been marked with controversial soft-on-crime policies that empower criminals and put public safety at risk. Gascon is also part of the consortium of Soros-funded DAs who have turned various metro areas into facsimiles of Gotham. Local campaign efforts of this nature are some of the most important elections for right-wing populists to be involved. Yes, California at the state level is largely lost. But there are many down-ballot and local elections where the Right can still be competitive and acquire valuable experience in. 

Restoring sanity in American politics requires us to clean up our own backyards. That means getting involved in elections and other activities that punish derelict politicians, who are often funded by the likes of George Soros, to send a message to the globalist blob that they can’t just waltz right in and impose globalist degeneracy at will. Voters in Los Angeles County and similar counties being terrorized by the soft-on-crime policies can send a strong message to Soros and his culturally radical ilk by recalling and throwing these DAs out of office. Big political changes often start locally.

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