Petty Tyrants in the Dallas City Government Shut Down Young Americans for Liberty Event

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), a libertarian conservative activist organization, was set to hold its Mobilize 2020 event in Dallas, Texas from July 6 to July 8.

However, their plans were abruptly derailed on August 3 when the city decided to cancel the event at the last minute. The event was originally going to be taking place at the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas.

Brad Johnson of The Texan noted that this incident was “Similar to what transpired in Houston with the Republican Party of Texas’ convention, Dallas utilized the force majeure clause in the event contract to cancel it three days before it was set to kick off.”

The aforementioned clause is present in most contracts and serves as emergency exit for extraordinary circumstances that pop up. The city turned to public health concerns connected to the Wuhan virus as the pretext for shutting down this event.

The Texan was able to reach out to Cliff Maloney, the President of YAL, to get his take on the situation.

“Dallas waited until we had students, elected officials, and investors on their way and our stages and banners were in the parking lot of the Omni [Hotel] before canceling it,” Maloney commented.

1,400 students from across the nation were planning on attending the event, which featured activism training and several notable speakers who were going to talk about freedom-related subjects.

On top of that, 100 elected officials and 250 investors were expected to be in attendance.

According to Maloney’s account of the situation, the city made it a point to force Omni Hotel’s management to comply with stricter regulations in order to hold the event.

Some of the regulations that the city demanded Omni Hotel follow included limits on event capacity, social distancing guidelines, and a mask mandate.

He noted that the hotel, “worked every step of the way to meet every irrational demand from the city, and I thank them for that.”

“There was no discussion, the city just called the hotel and informed them they were invoking the force majeure clause,” he added.

Maloney expressed his frustration with the city’s decision, “If they were going to do this, it should’ve been done three weeks ago, not when we basically had people sitting in the parking lot.”

Maloney said the Omni Hotel gave YAL a full refund. However, the organization must still assume the vendor costs, which have contracts with provisions containing cancelation requirements of between five to ten days before the event takes place. On top of that, it must also shoulder the airfare costs the organization spent to get its activists to the event. These costs may still be refunded.

The event was originally scheduled to be held in Austin.

YAL leadership decided to move the event to Dallas to avoid a potential scuffle with Austin political leadership.

However, they quickly found out that Dallas’s government is just as fanatic as Austin’s when it comes to holding events.

“We took a gamble that they would be more willing to work with us and apparently we were wrong,” he continued.

At the moment, Maloney is currently entertaining all options, which includes legal action, for responding against the city for its breach of contract.

Maloney concluded, “It seems the government officials would rather deny the ability to peaceably assemble, but allow that opportunity to violent protestors and further preventing people from being able to work and earn a living.”

Leftist cities across the nation are engaging in massive scale anarcho-tyranny, where criminals are allowed to run loose, while peaceful activities run by right-wing organizations get shut down.

It’s apparent that managerial elites do not care for free speech and the right to peaceful assembly for people on the Right.

This will only lead to heightened social tension further down the line.

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