Pharma Insider: ‘First Data From Clinical Studies’ Indicates ‘Hydroxychloroquine Kills the Coronavirus’

Novartis Chief Executive Vas Narasimhan has announced that there is preliminary evidence showing that “hydroxychloroquine kills the coronavirus.”

Narasimhan made the announcement to Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung on Sunday, as he was touting the ability of his pharmaceutical corporation to develop medicines to stop the pandemic. They have pledged to donate 130 million doses of hydroxychloroquine as soon as the medicine is approved for widespread use.

“Pre-clinical studies in animals as well as the first data from clinical studies show that hydroxychloroquine kills the coronavirus,” Narasimhan said to the newspaper.

“We’re working with Swiss hospitals on possible treatment protocols for the clinical use of the drug, but it’s too early to say anything definitively,” he added.

Narasimhan said that medicines such as the cancer drug Jakavi, multiple sclerosis drug Gilenya and fever drug Ilaris are being studied to see if they can be effective in treating coronavirus as well.

Several prominent liberal politicians have come out against hydroxychloroquine after President Donald Trump implored for it to be used as a treatment for individuals afflicted with coronavirus.

Democrats in blue states are already banning hydroxychloroquine, showing that they care more about scorning the President than they do helping the ill. Democratic Governors Steve Sisolak of Nevada, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Andrew Cuomo of New York have already taken executive action to make it more difficult for coronavirus patients to be treated with hydroxychloroquine.

“There is no conclusive evidence at this time among COVID-19 experts or Nevada’s medical health advisory team, that the drugs provide treatment for COVID-19 patients,” Gov. Sisolak said last week.

“Michigan pharmacists may see an increased volume of prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine and should take special care to evaluate the prescriptions’ legitimacy,” wrote Gov. Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs in a letter urging pharmacists to rat out doctors that prescribe hydroxychloroquine.

“It is also important to be mindful that licensed health professionals are required to report inappropriate prescribing practices,” they added.

Cuomo has already started to backtrack on his initial stance, softening on the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus as his state has emerged as the epicenter of the virus in the U.S.

“On the drug therapy, Tuesday we’re going to start the hydroxychloroquine with the Zithromax. That’s the drug combination that the President has been talking about,” Cuomo announced during a Monday coronavirus press briefing.

If Narasimhan’s assessment about hydroxychloroquine is correct, there will be many Democrat partisans with egg on their faces in the near future.

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