Philadelphia Police Chief Who Plans to Let Criminals Run Wild Let ANTIFA Run The Streets in Portland

On Wednesday, January 18, 2020 Philadelphia’s police commissioner promised that the city’s officers are “not turning a blind eye to crime” after unveiling a new policy that pushes for a delay in arrests of those who carry out certain non-violent crimes.

This policy was announced the day before responding to the Wuhan virus outbreak and concerns that jails are at an increased risk of becoming overcrowded and infected given how Philadelphia’s courts have been ordered to close up until April 1.

Under this new policy, individuals accused of crimes such as burglary or prostitution will be temporarily detained to have their paperwork sorted out before being let loose and arrested on a warrant during a later date.

“To be clear, the Philadelphia Police Department is not turning a blind eye to crime,” Danielle Outlaw, its commissioner, tweeted.

Curiously, Outlaw was the Police Chief for Portland from 2017 to 2019.

She gained particular notoriety for her police department’s lackadaisical approach to containing street violence that leftist radicals such as Antifa launched against journalists and right wing figures.

One of the most glaring incidents of this was when journalist Andy Ngo was the victim of a violent assault from Antifa thugs.

Ngo recently commented on Outlaw’s latest decision in her new position with the Philadelphia Police Department.

He tweeted, “Philadelphia police commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who ran Portland Police until recently, notified commanders that they are to suspend making arrests related to theft, retail theft, burglary, stolen vehicles etc. until further notice. Leaked memo:

It appears that Outlaw is bringing the same anarcho-tyrannical policies that characterized her leadership in Portland to Philadelphia.

Law-abiding residents in Philadelphia should expect a future filled rising degrees of lawlessness.

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