Philadelphia Recorded 500 Homicides for Second Consecutive Year

According to a report by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia recently recorded its 500th homicide in 2022, which makes it the second year in a row with 500 killings. 

Although the total number of homicides that have occurred in the City of Brotherly Love this year are slightly below 2021’s record-breaking figures.

The last time Philadelphia hit the 500 homicide mark was in 1990, when the crack cocaine epidemic was at its peak. Per the Philadelphia Inquirer, 84% of individuals killed or injured in shootings in 2022 were black. The recent surge in homicides have alarmed people, with many people attributing this spike to gun violence. 

Since the Wuhan virus pandemic, many cities across the nation have been up-ended on all fronts — economic, public security, and socially. As a result, mass mayhem  ensued due to people being economically dislocated and law enforcement agencies being instructed to stand down in the face of rioters and other individuals causing mayhem in the weeks that followed the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020. 

Another factor likely behind Philadelphia’s growing crime rate is the lax criminal justice policies that the city has adopted under District Attorney Larry Krasner’s watch. Krasner, who is funded by leftist oligarch George Soros, is notorious for going soft on violent criminals. This is part and parcel of a progressive criminal justice agenda that is being pushed nationwide by Soros-funded DAs. 

Criminals are a constituency within the Democratic Party and one way Democratic elected officials pander to them is by promoting policies that get criminals back on the streets and work to create Gotham-like environments across major urban centers in the country. 

While Philadelphia’s homicides might be experiencing a slight slowdown, it’s unlikely that the city will go back to normalcy until it gets rid of its progressive leadership and starts bringing law and order back into the mix.

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