WATCH: Philadelphia Residents Throw Objects at Police Responding to Standoff Incident

As the city’s police department struggled to contain a standoff situation with an armed suspect, Philadelphia residents in the area could be seen lobbing trash or other projectiles at law enforcement Wednesday.

Area residents also shoved the police officers, confronted them in an aggressive fashion, and lobbed objects at officers.

Philadelphia police had been fired upon when serving an arrest warrant at a home in the city’s Nicetown neighborhood. Up to 6 officers were shot by a single individual, who may have been wanted for drug-related crimes.

A lengthy showdown ensued between Philadelphia police and the shooter. The authorities were ultimately able to bring the suspect into custody after calling in a SWAT team.

It’s unclear exactly why the area residents lashed out at police who were responding to a dangerous situation. Certainly citizens across the United States have reasons to distrust law enforcement, but obviously confronting cops in the midst of an active shooter incident isn’t the right time to challenge the police.

Watch a video of the shocking turn of events here:

Fortunately, the six officers who were shot are being treated at local hospitals for non-life threatening injuries. One was reportedly grazed in the head by a bullet. The shooter had pinned down police officers for hours, reportedly using an AR15-style rifle and several handguns.

Video of a man who was possibly the shooter being arrested emerged on Wednesday night.

It’s unclear if the mob began abusing the police officers before or after they took the suspect into custody. In either case, such behavior could have plausibly created a dangerous situation for no good reason.

Area residents who assaulted police while they sought to stop an active shooter scenario should be ashamed of themselves.

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