Phoenix Airport Shuts Down MSNBC Analyst’s Story of ‘Anti-AOC Graffiti’

Tuesday, MSNBC’s David Corn took to Twitter to complain about “anti-AOC graffiti” which he apparently stumbled across in the bathroom of the Phoenix airport.

‘I just spotted obscene anti- graffiti in a bathroom stall in the Phoenix airport. Yes, really. (Not going to post a photo of it.),” he said.

Of course, this was immediately suspicion, given his insistence on not posting the photo. But the Phoenix airport responded Wednesday, claiming that they had checked bathrooms in his terminal and found no evidence of such distasteful imagery.

“Thanks for the follow-up. Our Facilities team checked the restrooms in the area last night, and although they didn’t find anything, those restrooms are checked and cleaned several times a day,” the airport’s Twitter account said.

It is possible that the alleged graffiti was cleaned before the staff was able to look into Corn’s claims. However, Corn could end the debate by simply posting a photo of what he allegedly saw.

In his defense, he did post a photo of a toilet seat at the airport and the alleged graffiti – but he blacked out the image of the graffiti itself.

“I didn’t want to post a pic of the graffiti because that would be spreading the work of a deplorable. But here’s a pic showing where it occurred with the message blacked out. No doubt, disbelieving conservatives will still call this a Deep State plot. Oh well,” he said.

Despite the bizarre nature of the claim, in the age of hate crime hoaxes, every such claim by peddlers of hate in the mainstream press must be scrutinized. This one seems a bit shady.

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