PHOTO EVIDENCE: Dan Crenshaw Pushed Red Flags After Meeting With Bloomberg Gun Control Activists

Dan Crenshaw’s recent flirtation with red flag gun confiscation laws might not be so coincidental after all.

BLP reported on Crenshaw’s advocacy for pre-crime legislation such red flag laws and The Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act following the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

Now photo evidence has emerged of Crenshaw previously meeting with the staunchly anti-gun organization Moms Demand Action to discuss red flag laws and universal background checks legislation back in February.

Moms Demand Action is notorious for its advocacy of bans on so-called “assault weapons”, universal background checks, and red flag gun confiscation orders. It has used the clever label of “gun safety” to market its intrusive gun control policies.

The gun control group has also been able to pressure corporate entities into embracing certain anti-gun policies and shift the culture in a more anti-gun direction.

Crenshaw’s meeting with a known enemy of gun rights suggests that he had plans of introducing some variant of gun control legislation from the start. It was only a matter of political circumstances (shootings in this case) for him to come out and justify some form of government encroachment.

Lindsey Graham is already working to move red flag bills yet again. Additionally, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is resurrecting his failed universal background check bill from 2013. All in all, the chances of gun control coming to a vote in Congress are increasing by the day.

The more Republicans concede ground on the issue of gun control, the more likely the Left will increase its demands for stronger legislation.

This is one game that the GOP should not play if it wants to preserve its constituents’ Second Amendment rights.