PHOTO: Heroic Border Patrol Agent Saving Drowning Migrant Child

As leading progressives and Democrats accuse Customs and Border Patrol of being a racist and fascist governmental agency, an image from May has surfaced painting a very different story.

In the trending image, a CBP agent can be seen saving the life of a drowning migrant child in the Rio Grande river. The 7-year old boy, who crossed with a group of Honduran migrants who were using inflatable children’s pools, was in serious danger of drowning in the water.

The river, which separates the United States from Mexico at the Texas border, can be treacherous, and many illegal migrants have drowned making the crossing before.

Customs and Border Patrol operations ultimately prove to be essential in saving of the lives of many illegal migrants, who face treacherous and dangerous paths in their efforts to illegally come to the United States. Many migrants are deceived by drug cartel-affiliated human smugglers, who lead them into dangerous situations with no regard for the lives.

Just last month, Border Patrol agents saved the lives of five migrants in California’s Otay Mountains who ran out of food and water and were at risk of perishing from dehydration.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent the many tragedies caused from unauthorized crossings into the United States is to deter illegal immigration itself. Young Hondurans and Guatemalans don’t need to be risking life and limb crossing into the United States in dangerous circumstances- they need to improve the state of their own countries to a point where massive segments of their national population feel no need to leave home and travel across the continent to the U.S.

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