PHOTO: Muslim Congresswoman Claims Gaza For Palestine On Office Map

A newly sworn-in Muslim U.S. Representative from Michigan has re-labeled Israel as “Palestine” on her office map, according to photo obtained by Hannah Allam, a BuzzFeed reporter.

“Someone has already made a slight alteration to the map that hangs in Rashida Tlaib’s new congressional office,” Allam wrote.

Tlaib, a Democrat, is the child of Palestinian immigrants, and draped herself in a Palestinian flag when she was officially elected to Congress. Since then, she has Tweeted support for former CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill, who was fired after calling for the destruction of Israel. She was also accused of assaulting Jewish journalist and Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer at a campaign event.

She was sworn into office Thursday using Thomas Jefferson’s Quran.

Palestine’s recognition as a nation state is in limbo.

But Palestinians are constantly in a state of war with Israel, consistently terrorizing the people of Israel by firing mortar rounds into Israeli territory.

Their official goals for 2019 were posted by Gateway Institute.

  • “The Palestinian revolution has been continuing for 54 years. The revolution will continue until the aspirations of our people are fulfilled…. We have clearly stated that all forms of resistance are legitimate.” — Mahmoud Aloul, deputy chairman of Fatah; seen by many as the successor to Mahmoud Abbas
  • Palestinian leaders are not offering their people a better life, prosperity, security and stability. Instead, the leaders are urging Palestinians to continue hating Israel and the US. They are urging Arab countries not to make peace with Israel: they consider normalization with Israel an act of treason.
  • A cartoon published on Fatah’s official Facebook this week depicts “Palestine” as a single entity, the exact shape of Israel.
  • These messages demonstrate, with no room for doubt, that any talk about resuming a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is one thing only: a colossal fraud. Palestinian leaders will never return to the negotiating table when they are pushing their people, day after day, to ensure that more Israeli blood runs in the street. The Palestinians make it clear that their true intention is to carry a rifle and see Israel removed from the map.

The Trump administration – and administrations past – have pledged their support to Israel as a Middle Eastern ally. It appears that at least one new member of Congress wants to break from that tradition.

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