Photos: Groupon Slashing Clinton Tour Tickets to More Than Half Off

A photo of a Groupon deal for former President William J. Clinton and twice failed presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton shows ticket prices for their North American tour “An Evening with the Clintons” slashed in half.

Thursday night, the Clinton’s are scheduled to play Los Angeles, with tickets on Groupon selling for $35, cut down from the original $77.50.


Remember the days when the Clinton’s used to give half million dollar speeches on Wall Street, or in Russia just before the Uranium One deal? Coincidentally, I’m sure, it appears that now that the Clinton’s have zero influence in government, their speeches aren’t worth as much as they used to be. Imagine that.

Los Angeles is not the only city wherein Groupon is expecting that Clinton tickets will be a tough sell. Prices are already being slashed for events as far in the future as April, 2019, which does not bode well for the rest of their tour. In some cases, the prices are as much as 90 percentĀ off.

Pundit Mark Steyn noted as much on Fox News earlier this week. The cable network reported:

“He said that it was unbelievable that only a few years ago when Hillary Clinton was still in politics or seeking the presidency that untold amounts of money flowed into the Clinton Foundation.

But, Steyn said, once Hillary lost, that money dried up and the couple decided to embark on a transcontinental speaking tour.

He said that they “raked in big bucks…from Saudi princes and Kazakh oligarchs” but now “can’t get people to give them $10.”

“And that’s ten dollars Canadian [money],” Steyn riffed. “Thanks to [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau, that’s like $1.79 American right now.”

The Clinton’s may see thousands of empty seats along their tour, but surely they will not give up. The couple will likely grift to the grave.


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