PHOTOS: Here Are Some Wall Opponents Who Have Walls Around Their Houses

Members of the political and celebrity class are enjoying the lavish walls around their private properties while they fight against President Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall for the United States to keep out criminal gangs and terrorists. Perhaps these modern-day aristocrats can give John Kerry some tips as he wages a spirited battle to keep migrants off his private beach in France.

Let’s take a look at some of these walls:


President Trump approves of the Obama family’s wall in the nation’s capital, which they utilize while Obama engages in shadow diplomacy and other Operation Crossfire Hurricane-related skullduggery to try to damage his successor. It would be nice, however, if Democrats would also give the American people a wall for their protection.

Here is a 2017 TMZ photo showing the construction of the Obama Wall:

Paul Ryan

Outgoing House speaker Paul Ryan did not have to worry about his security while he was helping Democrats take the House in the 2018 midterm elections, because his house is appropriately walled off from the mouth-breathers with their populist politics that he so despises. The House eventually did pass Wall funding in Ryan’s last days in office, which no doubt made him grit his teeth after he spent his speakership fighting Trump’s agenda.

The White House’s Julia Hahn caught Ryan in hypocrisy in 2015 when she photographed the seemingly-impenetrable barrier outside of Paul Ryan’s mansion.

Katy Perry

Popular music singer┬áKaty Perry is an advocate for “no barriers,” but she did not seem to mind when one of her immigrant fans got deported for rushing the stage at her concert.

Here are two photographs of the beautiful wall that protects Katy Perry’s property. What magnificent construction on that wall!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has a very tastefully-constructed wall around her Chappaqua, New York compound, where she engaged in the email crimes that sank her 2016 bid for the presidency. Hillary’s wall is festooned with cameras and other security measures to protect the former First Lady from anyone who might wish to do her harm.

It’s nice that Hillary is enjoying the benefits of her wall, which less-fortunate Americans do not get to enjoy. Many Americans, especially in our border states, are basically sitting ducks for the criminal cartels who easily traverse our Southern border to pump heroin into the country and spread a cloud of criminality and violence that would not exist in this country if President Trump gets the chance to build his border Wall.

Look at that Clinton wall! Breathtaking!

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