“Piece of S***:” Illinois Teacher Abuses Student For Lowering Face Mask

Parents are questioning the policies of a school district in the Chicago suburbs after video has emerged in which a teacher verbally abuses and curses a student for lowering his mask below his nose, calling the student a “piece of s***.

Libs of Tik Tok, which exposed the video on Sunday, has identified the teacher in question as Scott Grigoletto of Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, Illinois.

The teacher claims that he’s first going to “call the police,” apparently under the impression that uniformed police are going to care about a youngster wearing his face mask underneath his nose. He then threatens the youth with “in-school suspension” under the supervision of a “military guy.”

In highly questionable fashion, the teacher didn’t even freak out on the student for lowering his mask in a classroom or a confined place. He explains that the student lowered his mask below his nose in a school corridor, where it’s possible there wasn’t even anyone around. It doesn’t even appear as if the teacher identified as Grigoletto is wearing his face mask “correctly” as he abuses the student for the very same practice, raising questions if the use of masks is actually intended as a public health measure or a conformist show.

A woman who identified herself as the parent of the boy who was verbally abused revealed that the student, rather than the foul-mouthed teacher, will face punishment.

With masks set to become a mandatory conformist item until the end of time, it appears many liberals are content to yank the prevailing appeal of the vaccine away through endless mask mandates. It’s likely millions of Americans have skipped the vaccine as it becomes clear they’ll have to wear masks anyway.

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