Pierce Bush Loses Texas Congressional Primary in Blow to Globalist Political Dynasty

Pierce Bush, the grandson of former President George H.W. Bush and the latest member of the infamous political dynasty to run for office, lost a Republican congressional primary on Tuesday night.

Bush was running to represent Texas’ 22nd District, which covers suburban Houston. Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls and businesswoman Kathaleen Wall came in first and second in the primary, and will compete in a May runoff election. Bush came in third.

Pierce Bush is the son of Neil Bush, George W. Bush’s brother. One of Jeb’s sons, George P. Bush, is currently Texas’ Land Commissioner.

The defeat represents the first for a member of the Bush family running for office in the state of Texas for over 40 year, and the decline of the once-invincible political dynasty. Bush lost a primary for a seat in a district that overwhelmingly voted for Senator Ted Cruz in the 2016 Republican Primary, suggesting that the Bush family has worn out its welcome among Republicans who aren’t even hardcore original Trump supporters.

Bush ran with a mixed approach to President Trump, declining to style himself as a Trump Republican in the manner in which his opponents did.

The Bush family’s track record as previous stewards of the Republican Party is a dismal failure at the very best. George W. Bush oversaw the most disastrous foreign policy error in American history, opened the borders to unprecedented levels of legal and illegal immigration, and orchestrated a bailout of corrupt Wall Street elites after they crashed the economy.

Members of the Bush family should accept that they’ve had their run and ride off into the sunset of national politics and the Republican Party.

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