Planned Parenthood Expands From Abortions to Transgender Hormone Therapy

Planned Parenthood is expanding their reach to facilitate transgenderism in Florida, announcing that several Florida facilities are pushing hormone therapy onto adults.

Planned Parenthood said in a statement: “PPSENFL believes everyone deserves high-quality, compassionate health care – no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation.”

“We are proud to serve transgender people and patients on the spectrum of gender identity and expression by offering Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy including Transgender Female Hormone Therapy (MTF) and Transgender Male Hormone Therapy (FTM),” they continued.

Planned Parenthood is coaching staff to make sure that transgender individuals are coddled, accepted and promoted at their facilities. It will begin at two facilities in Miami-Dade and be expanded to the entire state by the end of the year.

These Florida locations join approximately 200 Planned Parenthood affiliates providing services for transgender individuals across the country, primarily in the states of California, New York and Virginia. That is a stunning 150 percent increase from 2016, as the industry picks up.

“We were hearing from our allies and witnessing the kind of barriers that transgender people experience trying to secure healthcare and that is from just walking into a health facility and being treated with judgment and discrimination,” said Lillian Tamayo, president of Planned Parenthood Florida.

Meanwhile, an alleged transgender killer has been charged for attempting a massacre at a high school in Colorado. The deranged rampage took one life while injuring several others and is being widely underreported by the mainstream media.

The transgender suspect, Maya McKinney, is a 16-year-old female who rejects her birth gender and goes by the alias ‘Alec.’ She demanded that the court of law call her by her transgender name while standing trial.

The troubled transgender youth posted about drug use and mental illness on various social media accounts before joining an accomplice in a violent rampage. This is far from uncommon, as the transgender lifestyle is known to yield severe behavioral problems such as suicide attempts.

Because of the immense taxpayer funding that Planned Parenthood receives, this transgender fad – and the mental illness and degeneracy that accompany it – will effectively be subsidized as more lives are put at stake in the name of diversity and acceptance.

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