Planned Parenthood Has A Plan To Expand Abortion To 40 Weeks In All 50 States

The nation’s leading abortion providers has a new strategy in creating an even larger profit for itself.

In a three-part initiative called “Care for All”, Planned Parenthood plans to expand abortion access and lessen restrictions across the country. The plan that first was first proposed last year has vowed to “kick off the 2019 legislative session by doubling down on this work.”

Part one: Access to Health Care

“First, in states where abortion is likely to remain legal and accessible, Planned Parenthood is investing in and expanding a Regional Access Network.”

In an attempt to broaden the already less than restrictive abortion laws, the abortion giant is targeting the more liberal states to expand their abortion rights. The initiative targets Virginia, amongst others, as being a state that is set to open more death factories. Weird timing considering VA Gov. Northam’s latest disgusting comments condoning infanticide and the fact that Planned Parenthood donated $2 million dollars to Gov. Northam.

Let’s not forget that “Planned Parenthood receives more than half a billion dollars annually from taxpayers,” according to Life News. So, it’s not surprising they have the funds to buy off politicians.

Part two: Policy

“We’ll partner with state advocates and coalition partners to determine how we can use state policies to ensure there’s an ironclad network of states across the country where abortion will still be legal, no matter what happens at the Supreme Court. We’ll also to continue to fight bad laws and work to enact good laws that both protect and expand access to abortion.”

This section suggests that states including Illinois, Maine, Rhode Island, Oregon, Hawaii, and Washington diminish their abortion restrictions. In an attempt to “fight tooth and nail” to prohibit life-protecting legislation from passing, Planned Parenthood plans to monetarily persuade states into passing radical abortion bills. The initiative praises its efforts to devalue life, “advocates and pro-women’s health legislators blocked or delayed 93 percent of the state-level abortion restrictions introduced in the 2018 legislative session.”

While the abortion giant has succeeded in paying off politicians to block life-saving bill from passing, the Trump-Pence administration has vowed to veto any legislation that does not protect life in the womb.

Part three: Culture Change

“We’ll be enhancing our efforts to destigmatize abortion in the media and across popular culture — including working with the music, fashion, movie, and television industries, and announcing additional public awareness campaigns in the coming months.”

This final push to normalize abortion is astounding. Wrapping abortion up in a pretty pink bow and labeling it a “woman’s bodily choice” or associating it with women empowerment is a ploy to connect with women. Bringing abortion into every day life on a misleading note that abortion empowers women is unfair to those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. While the multi-million dollar corporation quickly advocates abortion as a solution to an unexpected problem, they fail to mention the mental and emotional repercussions of the procedure.

The attempt to “remove the stigma” from abortion is an attempt to remove all moral associations from the issue. If there were nothing wrong with abortion, there would be nothing to “destigmatize”. Planned Parenthood doesn’t help women – it preys on women.

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