Planned Parenthood Validates Work of Center for Medical Progress, Admits in Court to Fetal Trafficking

Preliminary hearings have begun for David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, activists with the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), over whether or not they will go to trial for 15 felony counts of privacy invasion over secretly recording Planned Parenthood employees disgusting the graphic and perhaps illicit nature of their abortion operation.

Daleiden, who is the founder of CMP, shocked the world when he released hidden camera videos of Planned Parenthood officials bragging about how they traffic fetal tissue for profit years ago. His organization has paid a steep price for blowing the whistle on Planned Parenthood.

Daleiden and Merritt were charged as a result of releasing their powerful videos, which their lawyers allege is political retribution from powerful Democratic Party politicians such as California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris.

“This preliminary stage is the put-up-or-shut-up stage,” said lawyer Horatio Mihet, who is representing Merritt in the case. “What today has revealed is the prosecution by the attorney general is political in nature and built on a house of cards.”

Daleiden’s attorney Peter Breen noted outside of the courtroom that California Invasion of Privacy Act does not protect any conversation in an open forum that can be heard or recorded. The recordings alleged to be privacy violations come from the National Abortion Federation’s [NAF’s] annual meetings in 2014 and 2015 that took place in El Dorado, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, California.

“None of the content was confidential,” Breen said, also noting that Daleiden should be protected as a journalist and whistle-blower under California’s shield laws for his reporting.

Daleiden feels vindicated, as Planned Parenthood was essentially forced to admit in court on Tuesday that they do in fact traffic fetal parts to for-profit firms. The abortion industry is far more lucrative than Planned Parenthood would like to admit.

“Planned Parenthood abortion providers appeared under oath in court today and admitted supplying the body parts of children in the womb to for-profit brokers like StemExpress. Meanwhile, the Vice President of the National Abortion Federation denied any knowledge of the gruesome trafficking in fetal body parts, despite hosting StemExpress as a major vendor at the trade shows,” Daleiden said in a statement.

“The first day of testimony confirmed what we have been saying all along—this is a biased attack on First Amendment civil rights and a political prosecution to shield Planned Parenthood from accountability for their crimes against women and children,” he added.

The preliminary hearings are expected to continue for nine days as Daleiden and Merritt stand up for their rights against an industry that is very well-connected to institutional power that shields their glorified human trafficking operation from proper scrutiny.

Some of the video recorded by the CMP exposing Planned Parenthood corruption can be seen here:

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