‘Play By Your Own Rules’: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Gives Pointers on Crushing the Left at CPAC Texas

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán addressed CPAC Texas in Dallas on Thursday where he lended his advice on how American conservatives should fight back against the liberal power structure.

Orbán gave suggestions based on what has worked in his country in pushing back against globalists.

“The leading power of the free world wanted to force us to change our constitution to globalist liberal concepts. How bizarre,” he said.

“They hate me and slander me and my country as they hate you and slander you and the America you stand for,” Orbán added. “I am here to tell you that we should unite our forces.”

Orbán said that fighting against the communist threat may be a long and hard battle, but it is one that is certainly worth fighting.

“We Hungarians defeated communism which was forced on us by Soviet troops and arms. It took awhile. We began are fight in 1956 and won in 1990,” he said

“Communists are tough to beat. They rose from the ashes, came together with the liberals and came back all around the world stronger than ever,” Orbán said.

But Orbán said that Hungary has been “winning, winning and winning” in recent years because of the lessons they have learned in their protracted fight for freedom.

“A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. You have to stand by your country in good times and in bad times. Dear friends, I am here to tell you we should share our experiences. I am here to tell you that fighting for the nation, Christian values and the family can be successful in the political battlefield,” he said.

“The key to our success story is that when we fight we give at least 100%. We tell the truth and represent the truth even if half the world attacks us for it. You cannot win halfheartedly. You either give everything you got or play it safe and lose,” Orbán added.

Orbán said that conservatives must fight the culture war while standing in Christ’s example. It is important to be bold and fearless but staying grounded and moral in Christ’s image while doing so.

“Today’s progressives try to separate Western Civilization from its Christian roots. Once again, they are crossing a line that never should be crossed,” he said.

He brought up George Soros, his army of minions, and how they are imposing their agenda upon the West to supposedly combat totalitarianism. Orbán explained they are accomplishing the polar opposite of their intended goals.

“Our values save us from repeating history’s mistakes. The horrors of Nazis and communists happened because some western states in continental Europe abandoned their Christian values, and today’s progressives are planning to the same,” he said.

Orbán explained that families, universities and community institutions must be the pillars of society. He believes his nation can show Americans how to fight. Hungary fought successfully to restrict migration, repel Soros-funded NGOs, promote birth rates, and restrict LGBT insanity, and Americans can do so as well.

“In order to win, it is not enough to know what you are fighting for, you also have to know how you should fight. My answer is play by your own rules,” Orbán added. “You have to believe that you are better than your left liberal opponents are and don’t care what the liberals say…We cannot fight successfully by liberal means because our opponents use concepts and language to disguise their Marxist plans. Politics are not enough. This is a culture war.”

Orbán also condemned U.S. policy with regards to the Ukraine/Russia conflict and called for diplomatic talks to bring an end to the fighting that has been elongated due to billions in subsidies given to Ukraine by the U.S. and other globalist powers.

“Without America/Russia talks, there will never be peace in Ukraine, more and more people will die and suffer, and our economies will come to the brink of collapse,” he said.

“Do not be afraid. Just believe in Pope John Paul II’s teaching that there is no enemy that Christ has not already defeated. So let’s go out and do it. God bless Texas,” Orbán stated to conclude his speech.

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