Pocahontas Forced to Fire National Organizing Director Over ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ After In-House Inquiry

The presidential campaign for Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (D-MA) is in turmoil, after it was forced to fire its national organizing director, Rich McDaniel, following the discovery of “inappropriate behavior” from the man.

“Over the past two weeks, senior campaign leadership received multiple complaints regarding inappropriate behavior by Rich McDaniel,” campaign spokesperson Kristen Orthman said in response to a POLITICO report.

“Over the same time period, the campaign retained outside counsel to conduct an investigation. Based on the results of the investigation, the campaign determined that his reported conduct was inconsistent with its values and that he could not be a part of the campaign moving forward,” she added.

McDaniel released a statement after the fact in which he essentially denied any wrongdoing. He still considers himself a Warren supporter, and implies that he chose to leave the campaign after the allegations surfaced.

“I have separated from the campaign and am no longer serving as National Organizing Director. I have tremendous respect for my colleagues despite any disagreements we may have had and believe departing at this time is in the best interest of both parties,” McDaniel said.

“I would never intentionally engage in any behavior inconsistent with the campaign or my own values. If others feel that I have, I understand it is important to listen even when you disagree. I wish the campaign and my colleagues well,” he added.

McDaniel is a veteran Democratic Party operative. He had worked as the primary states regional director for Hillary Clinton’s losing 2016 presidential campaign before bouncing back as the field and political director for Sen. Doug Jones, who won his seat amidst widespread allegations of voting irregularities in 2017.

He was seen as an up-and-coming Democratic star before being accused of these improprieties. McDaniel previously worked with the Atlanta Falcons before he made the jump to politics. In a party that has harbored the likes of Ted Kennedy, Anthony Wiener, Bill Clinton and other known creeps. McDaniel’s career in the Democratic Party may not necessarily be done despite his dismissal.

Pocahontas recently took heat for her stance in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump, when she was heckled and jeered at a Nevada airport for her unpatriotic stance.

With her campaign allegedly harboring a man accused of illicit behavior, Warren will have an uphill battle getting to the presidential election as the Democratic nominee. If Pocahontas does make it to Nov. 2020, President Donald Trump will certainly make hay of her shameless past of racial hucksterism.

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