Pocahontas Gets Grilled on Urban Radio: ‘You Sound Like The Original Rachel Dolezal a Little Bit’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) appeared on an episode of “The Breakfast Club” radio show this morning in an outreach attempt toward African-Americans, but it backfired quickly on the 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful.

The host, rapper Charlamagne Tha God, grilled Warren about her fake Indian heritage, which has resulted in her being nicknamed “Pocahontas” by President Donald Trump.

“I grew up in Oklahoma, and I learned about my family the same way most people learned about their family – from my momma, and my daddy, and my aunts, and my uncles, and it’s what I believe,” Warren said to begin the exchange.

She at least partially admitted wrong-doing in faking Native American heritage throughout her career as she climbed up the ladder in academia, law and politics.

“I’m not a person of color. I’m not a citizen of a tribe, and I shouldn’t have done it,” Warren said.

She claimed that she would try to be a “good partner” to people of color and represent their interests well, but Charlamagne Tha God wasn’t going to let her off the hook that easily.

“How long did you hold onto that because there were some reports that said you were a Native American on your Texas bar license, and that you said you were a Native American on some documents when you were a professor at Harvard, like why’d you do that?” Charlamagne asked, putting Pocahontas on the spot.

“So, it’s what I believe. That’s, like I said, it’s what I learned from my family,” she said.

Charlamagne pressed further, asking her specific details about her heritage and when she found out she was wrong.

“When did you find out you weren’t?” Charlamagne asked. He would not get a direct answer from Warren.

“Well, ya know, it’s, um, I’m not a person of color. I’m not a citizen of a tribe, and tribal citizenship is an important distinction, and not something I am, so,” Pocahontas said.

Warren denied that she received any affirmative action benefits from her false distinction as a Native American, a dubious claim that the street smart hip-hop artist wasn’t buying.

“You kinda like the original Rachel Dolezal a little bit. Rachel Dolezal was a white woman pretending to be black,” Charlamagne said.


“No, this is what I learned from my family,” Warren said to end the awkward exchange.

Warren is downplaying her misappropriation of Native American heritage to get Affirmative Action benefits in the system. It was something she played up for years, and even released “Pow Wow Chow,” a book of supposedly authentic Cherokee recipes that were reported as another fraud.

To make up for her long past of racial hucksterism, Warren told “The Breakfast Club” that she advocates for socialist policies such as free housing, more education funding, hand-outs for historically black colleges, universal healthcare, and even reparations.

The entire interview can be seen here:

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