Poland Plans on Sending Fighter Jets To Ukraine

On March 16, 2023, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced that Poland will send four MIG-29 fighter aircraft to Ukraine. In sending these Soviet-era aircraft to Ukraine, Poland is the first NATO country to supply Ukraine with aircraft aid. 

“When it comes to the MiG-29 aircraft, which are still operating in the defense of Polish airspace, a decision has been taken at the highest levels, we can say confidently that we are sending MiGs to Ukraine,” Duda stated.

Ukraine has repeatedly called for NATO nations to supply it with warplanes in its fight to stave off Russia forces. NATO has turned these requests down out of fear such forms of aid could dramatically escalate the crisis in Ukraine. In addition, the United States has specifically said that it would take too long for Ukrainian pilots to learn how to operate American aircraft. Maintenance and logistical concerns for the aircraft have also been cited as additional reasons why these requests have been rejected. 

Poland has been one of the most ardent hawks against Russia and has repeatedly called for more aid to be sent to Ukraine. 

Duda proclaimed that Poland will be transferring the warplanes in the “next few days” to Ukraine. Slovakia, another NATO member nation, has followed in Poland’s footsteps and said that it’s likely to send aircraft to Poland in the next few weeks. 

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleskii Reznikov previously said to NPR that he believes Ukraine will ultimately receive Western military aircraft in its fight against Russia.

According to One America News, Poland has 28 MiG-29s, which have been gradually replaced with more advanced US-made aircraft. Polish authorities hope to be able to acquire more advanced F-35 jets. 

In the last few months, the US and its NATO satrapies have been deploying military aid ranging from tanks to artillery systems as Ukraine is rapidly going through its firepower. 

Sending aircraft won’t change Ukraine’s dim prospects against Russia, in which the latter still holds escalatory dominance against the former in this combat theater. If anything, continued supplies of military aid will make Russia pursue potentially maximalist aims where even larger portions of Ukrainian territory will be occupied by it. 

Too bad, foreign policy decision-makers in DC don’t grasp this harsh reality.

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