Poland Will Purchase US Missiles That Can Hit Russia

Poland is planning to purchase JASSM air-to-ground missiles from the United Stated that could potentially hit targets inside Russia, former Polish Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief General Miroslaw Rozanski revealed during an interview with Gazeta.pl.

“I see the greatest added value in JASSM missile systems with extended range,” he declared while commenting on a recent visit by Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Donald Tusk to Washington, D.C.. “Our planes stationed in Laska, if equipped with these missiles, will need to fly no further than the Vistula to strike targets inside Belarus and Russia.”

Rozanski specifically mentioned Russia’s Kaliningrad Region and other regions as potential targets for Poland to target.

On March 12, 2024, the US State Department approved the sale of north of 1,700 missiles to Poland. Previously, US President Joe Biden said at a meeting with the Polish president and prime minister at the White House that the US government would supply the Eastern European country with a $2 billion loan for the purchase of 96 US-manufactured Apache helicopters as stipulated by the Foreign Military Financing program. An agreement was also hammered to sell Poland over 800 JASSM missiles.

Poland has legitimate historical grievances with Russia, having been subjugated by the likes of Imperial Russia and being forced to be a satellite state of the Soviet Union. That said, it’s of no concern to the US to be involved in Eastern European squabbles.

With the US southern border imploding thanks to a mass migration invasion, the last thing the US should be doing is getting embroiled in a long-standing ethnic beef thousands of miles away. Eastern European nations will need to pact among themselves and craft their own security arrangements so that they can survive and thrive in the new multipolar order we live in.

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