Pole Dancing Former Client ‘Not Shocked’ Over Avenatti Indictments

The adult film actress who was formerly represented by huckster attorney Michael Avenatti was not surprised Monday after her former barrister was indicted for extortion and wire fraud in two separate cases.

“Knowing what I know about Michael Avenatti, I am saddened by not shocked by news reports that he has been criminally charged today,” said Stormy Daniels in a statement.

“I made the decision more than a month ago to terminate Michael’s services after discovering that he had dealt with me extremely dishonestly and there will be more announcements to come,” the statement said. “I ask that the media respect my decision to withhold further public comment regarding Mr. Avenatti at this time.”

Monday, Avenatti was indicted in two separate jurisdictions. He allegedly attempted to extort Nike for $20 million. In the other case, he was accused of stealing a client’s $1.6 million settlement, and providing fraudulent tax documentation to a bank in order to obtain $4 million in loans.

“I am highly confident that when all of the evidence is laid bare in connection with these cases, when it is all known, when due process occurs — that I will be fully exonerated and justice will be done,” he said outside the courthouse after posting a $300,000 bond.

Avenatti also took to Twitter to explain himself.

“I want to thank all of my supporters for your kind words and support today. It means a lot to me. I am anxious for people to see what really happened. We never attempted to extort Nike & when the evidence is disclosed, the public will learn the truth about Nike’s crime & coverup,” he said.

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