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Police Heavily Edit Body Cam Audio and Video in Andrew Gillum Overdose Case, According To Report



The Floridian reported on the Miami Beach Police’s latest actions to let failed Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum off the hook.

The Floridan made various requests for the Police body camera footage to be released from the hotel overdose incident which involved the Democrat candidate, a male escort, and another man. Now, the police department has released all of the records from the incident.

Last month, Gillum was discovered “under the influence” in a hotel room in Miami Beach with two other men. One of those men apparently overdosed on a controlled substance.

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Gillum’s attorney sent out a cease and desist letter which confirmed that the former gubernatorial candidate was present in the hotel room.

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The body camera footage was released but the audio recording and video footage were substantially edited because the City of Miami Beach believed that those involved in the incident deserved some degree of privacy.

Police essentially edited all of the audio recordings or video images that could have cast Gillum in a negative light. One of the video recordings was completely deleted.

One of the body cam videos was activated once law enforcement got on the elevator. But once they entered the room, the footage was blurred and the audio was heavily edited.

It is indeed curious how heavily redacted audio and video were only released.

Curious minds would like to know if journalists will ever get any of the unedited audio and video.


Man Who Brutally Assaulted Michigan Nursing Home Resident Arrested, Charged, and Named

The brute’s name is Jayden Hayden.



The perpetrator of a horrific taped assault at a patient at a Michigan nursing home has been arrested, charged, and finally named.

Detroit Police arrested 20-year old Jayden Hayden of Ypsilanti, Michigan on Sunday morning. Hayden is being charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm, larceny in a building and two counts of financial transaction device, steal/retain without consent.

The financial crimes relate to Hayden allegedly stealing the credit cards of 75-year old Norman Bledsoe.

The conscience of the nation had been shocked when video of Hayden brutally assaulting the senior citizen in a nursing home bedroom went viral. President Trump himself expressed his shock at the callous footage, in which Hayden repeatedly punched and beat the U.S. Army veteran.

Hayden has apparently uploaded videos online of other despicable assaults against senior citizens.

Detroit Prosecutor Kym Worthy expressed her resolve to hold Hayden criminally accountable for the heinous crime.

The alleged actions of this defendant are truly and uniquely disturbing. We must be able to trust our loved ones in specialty care facilities. I truly hope that the facts of this care are one of a kind.” Hayden was arraigned in court on Sunday morning.

New facts of the case seem to suggest that Hayden himself was a short-term resident of the Westwood Nursing Center, as opposed to an employee of the facility, which some had speculated.

Hayden seems to express racist and anti-white beliefs in some of his social media uploads, stating that he believes that “black people are meant to rule the earth.” However, it doesn’t appear as if local authorities are treating the savage, cowardly assault as a hate crime at this point.

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