Police Heavily Edit Body Cam Audio and Video in Andrew Gillum Overdose Case, According To Report

The Floridian reported on the Miami Beach Police’s latest actions to let failed Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum off the hook.

The Floridan made various requests for the Police body camera footage to be released from the hotel overdose incident which involved the Democrat candidate, a male escort, and another man. Now, the police department has released all of the records from the incident.

Last month, Gillum was discovered “under the influence” in a hotel room in Miami Beach with two other men. One of those men apparently overdosed on a controlled substance.

Gillum’s attorney sent out a cease and desist letter which confirmed that the former gubernatorial candidate was present in the hotel room.

The body camera footage was released but the audio recording and video footage were substantially edited because the City of Miami Beach believed that those involved in the incident deserved some degree of privacy.

Police essentially edited all of the audio recordings or video images that could have cast Gillum in a negative light. One of the video recordings was completely deleted.

One of the body cam videos was activated once law enforcement got on the elevator. But once they entered the room, the footage was blurred and the audio was heavily edited.

It is indeed curious how heavily redacted audio and video were only released.

Curious minds would like to know if journalists will ever get any of the unedited audio and video.

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