Police Rescue Man Trapped in His House All Winter

Police helped an elderly man who was trapped in his house all winter from the massive amounts of snow on the ground.

A man in Ottawa, Canada had been living off the supplies in his house during brutal winter.  “Authorities aren’t sure just how long the man had been snowed inside the house, but at some point the neighbors called for police to check on the man, as they were concerned for his well-being,” according to Liftable.

The Ottawa Police Service posted on Facebook about the event:

“Last night, OPS officers were called by a concerned neighbour to do a wellness check on a senior at an east end residence. Upon arrival they found a winter’s worth of snow piled high in the driveway with no tracks and no signs of life.

When they forced their way in, they found the elderly man inside, alone and alive.”

The police officers shoveled and blew off the man’s driveway and walkway to the door so he could enter and exit his home as he pleased. Not stopping there, “officers will bring him groceries and contacting services to ensure he has supports moving forward,” according to the Facebook post.

The man was reported to be completely fine and healthy, he was simply waiting out the winter storm.

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