Police Shut Down Drive Up Church Service in Mississippi

In Greenville, Mississippi about 20 police officers arrived at the King James Bible Baptist Church.

On April 8, 2020, when these officers showed up, they threated to give citations to the pastor and the congregants.

This is the second consecutive day that the city’s police departments has been called to shutdown “drive-in” church services.

That same day about two dozen people were fined $500 while attending a “drive-in” prayer service at Temple Baptist Church

On April 9, Charles Hamilton, the pastor of that church, appeared on the Todd Starnes Radio Show to give his side of the story.

He was preparing for a night service when he then saw police officers quickly enter the parking lot.

“Police officers messing with the church,” the pastor commented on a Facebook Live video. “What has happened to America?”

The video depicts several police officers warning the pastor that church members would be cited if they didn’t leave. Another police officer informed the pastor that his rights could be stripped

“I’m a good citizen here. I’m a pastor,” he said. “We ain’t got no crack house. We ain’t got no drugs. We ain’t got nothing going on here but preaching the word of God.”

“They are here messing with the church, messing with the pastor. Who’s patrolling the streets where the real crime is,” the pastor inquired.

The police were implementing city orders that instructed churches to immediately shut down and stop celebrating drive-in-services.

The police were enforcing orders from city leaders who told churches to shut their doors and stop holding drive-in services.

In times of crises like the Wuhan Virus pandemic, politicians will use government bodies to infringe on basic liberties such as the freedom of assembly.

Even in a conservative state like Mississippi, petty despots at the local level will infringe on fundamental rights.

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