Police Threaten Fines for Woman Who Invited Lonely People to Christmas Dinner

A British woman was threatened with fines by local police for putting up signs inviting lonely people to Christmas dinner, according to Fox. 

“Mo Fayose, 44, was shocked when she received an email from town hall chiefs accusing her of illegal fly-posting,” the report said. “She put up the notices around the neighborhood in Basford, Nottingham, inviting people to get in touch with her if they were on their own over the festive season.”

According to the report, Fayose has been opening her doors to the lonely for three years, and is up to over 100 guests annually. She raises the funds throughout the year. For this year’s festivities she raised over $3700.

“I was really shocked when I got the email telling me I was breaking the law. I just wanted to help people who were on their own at Christmas,” she reportedly said. “The posters are really important; it’s the way to get it to those who are not using social media.”

With British police busy taking knives off the streets after the government upped its assault on inanimate objects, one might think they’d be too busy to dole out fines for hanging flyers. But police states always have time to infringe upon the freedom of their residents.

Fayose blasted the local authorities:

“The email said, ‘We know what you are doing is good but it is classed as fly-posting’ which is a problem. Therefore I would ask you to take it down otherwise you would be fined. It’s just crazy, it broke me down. I put the posters all over Basford so everyone could see them. I put it online but not everyone is on social media especially older people who are sometimes the most lonely in our society.”

So much for the yuletide spirit.

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