Polish Lawmaker Puts Forward “Anti-Bug Law” to Mandate Labels for Foods Containing Insects

Earlier this month, Polish deputy agriculture minister Janusz Kowalski put forward an “anti-bug law” which would mandate all food products containing insects to have a special warning label.

“Dried mealworm larvae, powdered cricket – these are among the insects that the eurocrats and Rafał Trzaskowski [the opposition mayor of Warsaw] call new food,” declared Kowalski, while rolling out plans in parliament on April 6, 2023. “That is why we, United Poland [Solidarna Polska], have initiated the preparation of legal regulations, following the examples of Hungary and Italy, that will give Polish consumers clear knowledge about food products containing so-called bug additives,” he added. “This is an anti-bug law.”

Under this legislative proposal from the incumbent Law and Justice party (PiS), products containing insects would be required to include a label on their packaging saying “Warning, this food product contains insect protein.”

“If Rafał Trzaskowski wants to eat mazurek [a traditional Polish Easter cake] make of dried insects, he has the right to do so,” declared Kowalski, making a reference to the opposition mayor. “We, as conservatives, as Poles, definitely prefer normal Polish food, Polish meat, Polish dairy products.”

Indeed, there is a concerted effort to destroy the local cultures of European countries. Not only do globalists want to replace the original ethnic stock of those countries, they want to erase many of the cultures in these countries. It’s good to see Poland’s PIS government take a stand for traditional values. More governments in Europe need to follow in Poland’s footsteps and protect their historic nations from the globalist onslaught.

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