Polish Politician Makes Seemingly Threatening Gesture Towards President Donald Trump

A Polish politician shocked political observers after tweeting a photo of him making a gun gesture towards U.S. President Donald Trump’s back last week on December 5, 2019.

Infowars reported that Donald Tusk, the president of the European People’s Party, published the photo in a tweet on which casually stated, “Despite seasonal turbulences our transatlantic friendship must last.”

This photo also pictured the back of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and appears to have taken place at last week’s NATO summit, which ended on Wednesday.

The New York Post reported that many social media users were caught off guard by the photo, which was viewed as a death threat.

“[Outgoing] European Union Council Leader Donald Tusk tweets himself holding 2 fingers against Trump’s back like a GUN,” one user tweeted while tagging the FBI, adding, “Is that a THREAT?”

“We all know that the Globalist EU opposes Trump, but this goes too far,” the user continued.

Another user followed up by asking, “Is this some sort of veiled EU threat aimed at the US?”

Twitter user @AsiaNietop made reference to a Pennsylvania law which recently declared that the “gun-like hand gesture” is a threat of “intimidation” and a crime of disorderly conduct.

Tusk is staunch opponent of Brexit and dislikes President Trump.

During a speech back in September, he lambasted Trump’s nationalist political views as “false” and “dangerous.” He also demanded that Trump “stop lying.”

However, The Post highlighted that many Poles on Twitter apologized for Tusk’s threatening gesture.

“As a Polish citizen I am embarrassed for this person,” tweeted @RZbijowski.

“Dear @realDonaldTrump, Poland apologizes for Donald Tusk,” @MikiPoznan added.

Tusk, while reasonable on certain policy matters dealing with economics, represents a brand of conservatism that must go by the wayside in these times of civilizational struggle.

By taking wishy-washy stances on populism and not fully embracing effective populist figures such as Donald Trump, Tusk and his ilk would indirectly play a role in bringing mass migration policies —which have already done considerable damage in Western Europe— to the EU’s otherwise solid Eastern bloc.

Thankfully, the current Polish government has a strong populist coalition that will not buy into globalist policies and strive to maintain Poland’s national identity.

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