Political Saint Louis Prosecutors Won’t Charge BLM Rioters That Trespassed on McCloskey’s Property

Saint Louis prosecutors are declining to pursue criminal charges against Black Lives Matter rioters that trespassed on the property of Mark and Patricia McCloskey in June, setting off an armed confrontation with the couple that became national news.

City counselor Michael Garvin announced that the city had decided “prosecution is not warranted” against the riotous BLM trespassers in the case.

The ‘protestors’ in question had been previously citing for trespassing. At one point, a gate to the private community in which the McCloskeys live was broken open, but it doesn’t appear anyone is being charged for causing property damages to the wall. Some the rioters had threatened and waved pistol magazines at the McCloskeys before they trespassed on their lawn.

Although the BLM rioters are getting off scot-free, George Soros-funded Saint Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner is still pursuing a highly dubious and politically charged criminal case against the McCloskeys for the actions in the standoff. Attorneys working for Garder reassembled the courtroom prop that Patricia McCloskey was holding in the event into a working firearm in order to file charges, and they’re doing so against the wishes of a Saint Louis police captain who declined to sign off on a probable cause statement accusing the McCloskeys of illegally brandishing firearms at the unruly mob that had broken into their gated community.

This is an example of anarcho-tyranny at its finest. The thugs who trespassed and threatened the couple at their own home are being babied and let off the hook, while the couple that merely stood on their own property holding a gun and urging the rioters to move along are being maliciously prosecuted. Fortunately, Missouri Governor Mike Parsons and President Donald Trump have both identified the prosecution against the couple as the sham charges, indicating a pardon would be provided if the case somehow is adjudicated against them.

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