POLITICO Founder Calls for “Coronation” of Joe Biden, Rejects Tara Reade Investigation

POLITICO founder Martin Tolchin made a starkly partisan defense of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in a letter to the editor of the New York Times published on Tuesday, even going so far as to dismiss an investigation into Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault against the former Vice President for political reasons.

Tolchin fears the consequences of an investigation into Reade’s allegations for the Democratic Party.

Quite obviously, sexual assault allegations against a major public figure are newsworthy in their own right, without consideration for their partisan political effects. The instincts of a real journalist would be to investigate the claims made by Reade- which are by no means proven or definitive, although there is corroboration.

Tolchin is a former New York Times journalist who went on to found the digital liberal media group Politico.

That he would so blatantly reject fundamental journalistic integrity in favor of naked partisanship in support of Joe Biden’s “coronation” is a black mark on both of the liberal mainstream media groups he’s worked for.

The legacy media godfather was sharply criticized across both sides of the political spectrum after his reactionary call to shut down inquiries into the matter was published in the Times.

Tolchin also played a role in the founding of the Hill.

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