Politico Pushes Biden-Romney Unity Ticket

The Politico is pitching a Deep State unity ticket of Joe Biden and Mitt Romney, which would presumably operate within the vehicle of the Democratic Party in the 2020 election.

Former Jeb! Bush adviser and current Biden Institute adviser Juleanna Glover opines for the northern Virginia-based outlet: The top of the ticket needs to come from the center-left, because he or she needs to get a plurality of the vote in the blue states Hillary Clinton won (227 electoral votes), yet be moderate enough to win a plurality in some combination of Trump states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan (another 119 votes). A bipartisan ticket might even put purple states like North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana in play. A right-leaning candidate at the top of the ticket won’t work, though: He or she would meet the same fate as a primary challenger to Trump. Around 36 percent of voters won’t be cleaved from Trump under any circumstances, so the deep-red states would be off the table entirely.

What about policy? A Biden-led bipartisan ticket would pledge to serve a Cincinnatus-like single term and address all of the U.S.’s ticking time bombs like Social Security, Medicare, health care reform, climate change, money in politics, immigration, gerrymandering and infrastructure investment in four years. Why this pledge? It decouples a president from the demands of reelection politics while simultaneously easing concerns about age—Biden would be 78 on inauguration day. It also ensures governance unpolluted by campaign finance concerns and narrow special interests inherent to maintain a winning coalition. This ticket would promise to force decisions on all the underlying structural policy matters damaging America’s long-term prospects and distorting our democracy. No more kicking the can down the road.

Glover’s passage thankfully ends

Such a ticket would only remind Americans that there is an active uniparty representing the Washington establishment and all of its various special interests.

Glover is predictably foolish in this crusade, because the illusion of an active two-party system is really the only thing that sustains the Democratic Party.

Also, liberals hate Romney because he was the media villain in 2012, and most people won’t understand why the mainstream media would just want to shift all of a sudden and pretend that Romney is good. Because the American people think rationally.

HISTORY LESSON: Learn about the short-lived McCain-Lieberman unity ticket of 2008.

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