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PolitiFact Rates Undisputed True Statement as Only “Mostly True”



“Fact-checking” website PolitiFact (read: DNC Propaganda) sunk to a new level of blatant idiocy on Monday, rating an undisputed true statement as “mostly true” because it was made by a Republican.

“Politifact is such a joke,” said Josh Perry on Twitter. “Republican states something a democrat’s campaign even acknowledges is entirely true, and the best it can get is a ‘mostly true.'”

Perry was referring to a “fact-check” article called “Did Claire McCaskill vote for 100% of Obama’s judicial nominees?”

The piece centered around a statement made by Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, who will likely win the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate and take on Incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) in November.

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The rating, “mostly true,” is clearly evident at the top of the page. But reading the article further reveals a nugget of information showing that PolitiFact is nothing more than a biased tool used to bash and sow doubt against Republicans.

“When we contacted McCaskill’s campaign, they did not dispute that she voted for all of Obama’s nominees,” the article reads.

Later, the article acknowledges that “the substance of Hawley’s assertion is accurate.”

So if the substance of the assertion is accurate, and the information is not disputed by Hawley’s opponent, how did PolitiFact come up with a “mostly true” instead of a “true” fact-check?

Easy answer. PolitiFact is not at all interested in the truth. It is a cog in the machine of the Democrat Media Complex that continues to chug along, hoping to swallow up Republicans in its path.


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Fake News Media

Snopes Lies About Republicans in Another Intentionally Misleading ‘Fact Check’



Once again, dubious”fact-checking” organization and Facebook’s official guardian of all that is true and just, Snopes, is intentionally misleading its readers in order to please their leftist handlers.

Generally, Snopes will pose a claim – this time “Republicans voted to make it legal to ban gays and lesbians from adopting ” – then rate the claim as either “true,” “mixture,” or “false.”

The headline reads: “Did Republicans Vote to Make it Legal to Ban Gays and Lesbians from Adopting?” Just below the headline is Snopes’ large green check mark, indicating a “true” rating.

Any rational person reading this would naturally assume that Snopes was referring to all Republicans, given that the headline does not qualify a certain group of Republicans. Those of us who understand how the government operates would assume that these Republicans voted on a bill to ban gays and lesbians from adopting.

But reading the fine print – which Snopes knows most people will simply ignore – the renowned arbiters of truth actually “fact-checked” an entirely different claim than what the headline would have the reader believe.

Here is the actual claim that Snopes was rating: “The Republican majority in the House Appropriations Committee voted to approve an amendment allowing taxpayer-funded adoption agencies to deny services to LGBTQ families.”

So, not only did Snopes fail to qualify that the Republicans it was referring to were only Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee, they also conveniently left out the fact that said Republicans were voting on a small amendment to a gigantic bill – and one that allows only taxpayer-funded adoption agencies to deny service to LGBTQ families in their overly simplistic headline.

The House Appropriations Committee is meant to regulate federal government spending, and this amendment was voted down as part of a bill for the markup of the entire Fiscal Year 2019 budget for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, along with related agencies.

Of course, in context this scenario is far different than what the Snopes headline suggests, which is that every Republican voted on a whole bill dedicated to banning all gay and lesbian couples from adopting children, without exception. That is the messaging that Snopes wanted its readers to come away with. Make no mistake, Snopes intentionally leaves out the nuance, preying on those who go to their site seeking confirmation bias.

This is not journalism. It is a deliberately designed political operation.

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