PolitiFact Won’t Confirm That It’s an Unbiased News Source

A popular “fact-checking” website (read: Republican smear factory) refused to confirm for Big League Politics that it is indeed unbiased.

In an email conversation with PolitiFact regarding an obviously slanted hit-piece on GOP candidate for U.S. Senate from Virginia Corey Stewart, editor Angie Holan refused to answer when asked if she would go on record saying that PolitiFact is unbiased.

“[I]n this case, our report speaks for itself,” Holan said. “I don’t have anything to add that wasn’t published the piece. Thanks for reaching out.”

Big League Politics has reported extensively on PolitiFact’s leftist bias, and will continue to do so. In the last two weeks alone, the “fact-checkers” rated a claim made by a Republican candidate as only “Mostly True” when the Democrat candidate acknowledged that the claim was true, rated an undisputed claim as “False” simply to make a Republican candidate look bad, and acknowledged the truth in a Republican’s candidate’s while still rating it “Mostly False.”

It is unacceptable to allow the morally bankrupt establishment to be the arbiters of what is true on the internet. It is time to start fact checking the “fact-checkers.”

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