POLL: 17% of Voters Believe the Biden Regime Has Improved United States-Israel Relations

According to a Rasmussen poll, 43% of likely United States voters believe America’s relations with Israel have worsened since Biden assumed power.  Only 17% of US voters believe US-Israel relations have improved. 

The recent attack Hamas launched against Israel has seemingly increased pro-Israel among America’s voting populace. 29% of voters indicated that US-Israel relations have stayed the same and 11% are unsure. 63% indicated that Israel is a US ally. Whereas, only 7% deemed Israel as enemy and 20% believe it’s somewhere in between. An additional 10% are unsure. 

After Hamas militants launched attacks against Israel, former President Donald Trump declared that the attack “would never have happened” if he was still president. 47% of voters agree with Trump’s assertion, which includes 34% who strongly agree. 43% disagree, which includes 32% who strongly disagree that Trump would have prevented the Hamas attack against Israel. 10% are unsure.

37% of voters believe that President Biden will deploy US military forces to assist Israel in its fight with Hamas, which includes 11% who believe it’s very likely. 49% of voters don’t believe it’s likely Biden will deploy US troops to Israel, which includes 14% who say it’s unlikely. An additional 11% are unsure.

40% of Democrats voters, 35% of Republican voters, or 36% independent voters believe it’s at least somewhat likely the Biden regime will deploy US troops to Israel.

70% of Republicans agree that Hamas’ latest assault on Israel “would never have happened” if Trump were still occupying the White House.  26% of Democrat voters and 48% of independent voters share this belief. 

64% of Republican voters, 23% of Democrat voters, and 44% of independent voters believe America’s relationship with Israel has worsened since Biden was installed in office. 27% of Democrat voters, 11% of Republican voters, and 12% of independent voters believe US-Israel relations have improved since Biden was installed in office as president.

69% of Republican voters, 56% of Democrat voters, and 65% of independent voters perceive Israel as a US ally.

Older voters tend to have more pro-Israel views, with 81% of voters 65 and older viewing Israel as an ally. By contrast, 69% of voters in the age range of 40 to 64 and only 38% of voters under the age of 40 believe Israel is an ally.  Younger voters are less likely to believe the US-Israel relationship has worsened since Biden was installed in office.

Among voters who consider Israel as an ally of the US, 52% believe the US-Israel relationship has worsened since Biden was installed as president.

44% of government employees, 54% of private sector workers, and 81% retirees indicated that Israel is an ally of the US. 

When it comes to income earners, those making $200,000 annually are the most likely economic substrata to believe that Israeli-American relations have improved since Biden was installed in office. 

Honestly, America First nationalists should not care about what’s going on in Israel. Because, at the end of the day, the Jewish state should be treated neutrally. That’s how its relations between the two countries should be handled. 

Unfortunately, with an interventionist political order controlled by certain factions of Zionism, a restrained/neutral policy towards Israel cannot be established.

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