POLL: 28% of Voters Would Commit Illegal Acts to Help Their Candidate Win In the 2024 Presidential Election ta

According to a Rasmussen poll, 28% of likely United States voters would engage in at least one kind of illegal voting activity if that was “the only way to stop” an opposing candidate from winning, whereas 72% stated they would not cheat.

27% of Joe Biden voters, 29% of Donald Trump voters, and 25% of RFK Jr. voters responded “yes” to at least one question about whether they would use illegal voting practices to ensure that their presidential candidate wins. 

“Doing the math, that means that – if voter turnout remains similar to 2020 – nearly 45 million ballots may be fraudulently cast if they are not prevented,” observed Jack McPherrin, Research Editor and Socialism Research Center Fellow at The Heartland Institute. “The results of this poll will hopefully galvanize state policymakers to craft legislation designed to ensure election integrity by vastly restricting mail-in voting.”

The poll discovered that 45% of voters would pull the lever for Trump, 36% for Biden, and 11% for Kennedy. An additional 4% of voters indicated that they would vote for some other candidate, while 3% are undecided.

In the new poll, 18% of all likely voters stated that, if their spouse or another family member they confided in granted them permission to fill out and sign their mail-in ballot, thereby allowing them to use their ballot to pull the lever for a candidate of their choosing, they would end up doing so. In a similar vein, 17% stated they would fill out and sign a mail-in ballot on behalf of a co-worker or an acquaintance, and 14% would do so for a close friend.

9% of voters said that, if given the chance, these voters would change the candidate selections made in a mail-in ballot belonging to a friend or family member, without informing them. Voters who responded “no” or “not sure” to that question were subsequently asked: “If altering the candidate selection were the only way to stop [Joe Biden / Donald Trump] from being elected, then would you do it?” Biden voters were questioned about stopping Trump from being elected, while Trump voters were asked about stopping Biden; undecided voters and supporters of other candidates were asked if they would alter a ballot if it “were the only way to help your candidate get elected.” 8% responded yes.

When those polled were asked if they would discard or destroy a mail-in ballot that belonged  to a friend or family member, without informing them, to help win the election, 11% responded yes. 10% stated they would vote in two different states to help their candidate come out on top, 10% would propose paying another voter for their vote and 10% stated they’d give another voter misleading information about the time and location of the election if that would help their candidate come out victorious. All of these activities are considered illegal under federal law. 

In sum, there are growing numbers of Americans who would be willing to engage in serious voter fraud just to see their candidate win. That just goes to show how existential and high stakes American elections have become.

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