POLL: 30 Percent of Americans Want to Halt ALL Immigration

A May poll released on June 4 by Cygnal shows that almost 30 percent of Americans surveyed want to halt all immigration to the United States, both legal and illegal.

“The survey covered a range of topics, including the 2020 presidential election, immigration, the economy, and various public policy issues, and examined underlying correlations between those issues and U.S. voters that hold populist views,” according to Cygnal.

The poll also tested sentiments on populism in the United States, finding that 39 percent of Americans held positive views of populism.

“The anti-establishment sentiments helping to fuel the populist wave can be found on the left, center, and right of the ideological spectrum. This is incredibly evident when looking at the survey findings,” Chris Kratzer, Cygnal’s VP of Research and Analysis said. “The unifying factor is that nearly all populists believe that ordinary citizens have been betrayed by the elites of this country, regardless of their party affiliation.”

The poll also showed a clear partisan split on the direction of the country, with 75 percent of Republicans saying America is on the right track, and 84 percent of Democrats saying that America is on the wrong track.

“President Donald Trump has a good shot at re-election because 47% of voters believe the economy is better now than a year ago. As long as the economy continues to appear strong, so will the President’s electoral chances,” Cygnal’s founder and CEO Brent Buchanan said.

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