POLL: 31% of Voters Indicated That US is Moving in The Right Direction

According to a Rasmussen poll conducted for the week ending on September 21, 2023, 31% of United States likely voters believe the country is moving down the right path. 

In the week prior, 34% of voters indicated that the country is moving in the right direction. 

By contrast, 62% of voters believe the country is moving in the wrong direction.  In the previous week, 59% of voters believe the country is headed down the wrong path. 

For perspective, during the same timeframe a year ago, 29% of voters indicated that the US was heading in the right direction, whereas 64% believed it was heading down the wrong path. 

Frankly, the US is in rough shape. Rising inflation, surging crime, a collapsing border, an overstretched military presence abroad, and an electoral system of dubious merit has made Americans call into question the legitimacy of the American political system. 

The current political class is clearly not interested in serving the national interest and prefers to pursue policies that advance the agenda of narrow-minded interest groups. This is the telltale sign of oligarchical capture of the political system. If there is no shakeup in the current political order, the US could experience a wholesale decline in living standards across the 21st century — a prospect most people aren’t ready for.

Americans need to wake up about political health of their nation if they want to continue living in a hospitable polity.

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