POLL: 32% of US Voters Believe the Country is Going in the Right Direction

32% of likely United States voters believe the country is moving in the right direction, per a new Rasmussen poll that was released towards the end of July.

 63% of voters believe the nation is going down the wrong path.

In this time period in 2022 , 23% indicated that the US was heading down the right path, whereas 72% indicated that it was going down the wrong path. 

These findings were part of a  national telephone survey of 1,700 US likely voters that was carried out by Rasmussen from July 16 to 20, 2023.

Indeed, voters have every reason to believe that the US is going down the wrong path under the Biden regime.  From the rising inflation to crime sweeping across the nation, there’s clearly an aura of anarcho-tyranny in the air. The Biden regime has made it clear that it’s pursuing a post-national agenda, as evidenced by its commitment to open borders  and efforts to erase American history, that goes against the interest of the Historic American Nation. 

Unsurprisingly, Americans are growing uncomfortable with the political climate. At the end of the day, it’s going to take an America First takeover for confidence to be restored in America’s institutions and for the country to restore order. This America First movement will have to implement an immigration moratorium, scale back America’s military presence abroad, crack down on crime, purge the education system of leftist influence, dismantle the regulatory state, and abolish central banking, among other reforms to bring the country back to normalcy. 

A tall political order if there ever was one.

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