POLL: 32% of Voters Believe the US is On The Right Path

These are findings from a recently published Rasmussen poll that was conducted via telephone and online survey for the week that ended on August 17, 2023. 

61% of voters believe the country is going in the wrong direction. 

During this timeframe in 2022, 30% indicated that the US was going down the right path. By contrast, 64% indicated that the country was going down the wrong path. 

The poll surveyed 1,744 likely voters in the US from the period of August 13 to August 17, 2023. 

There’s every reason for Americans to be pessimistic about the country’s prospects. The ill-fated Russo-Ukrainian conflict — where American political elites have subsidized Ukraine to the tune of billions —, the Fed’s excessive money printing, the Biden regime’s open border policies, and the lack of a crackdown against crime have gradually degraded the US’s living standards. For the first time, younger generations may experience a once-great country go through a period of prolonged decline. 

The “it can’t happen here” mindset that has infected millions of Americans is now being disrupted by the harsh realities of statecraft and economics. American leaders must realize that their bad political behavior ultimately has negative repercussions. 

If they don’t, the country will inevitably go through a very predictable phase of civilizational decline.

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